Blog2018 ≫ Avengers: Infinity War

We went to the movie, at the new cinema in Dover. It was good but it's hard to talk about without spoilers.

I just had a proper senior moment in the cinema, long after the film had finished the staff were helping me tear the place apart looking for my glasses that I had dropped during the film, then one said "it's not those glasses hanging from your shirt is it?"

We cancelled Cullen's Yard and went to Nando's instead, and it made a good change, not been there for ages. They have new vege burgers, and a great new Vusa chilli sauce. It's on the new complex, along with the new cinema, it is "out of town" style like in Ashford but slap in the middle of Dover. A great idea. Not exactly revitalising the high street, but making a new high street that you can walk to from the old high street.

AHA just seen on a BBC report on the record takings of the new Avengers movie that it was planned as part one of two anyway. That makes sense now. To be continued in a year's time...


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