Blog2018 ≫ My second-hand ScottEVest arrived

Quite pleased with it for a tenner, glad that it is red and not pink, as otherwise Clare was getting it. It's very very slightly too small, if I was buying one of these I'd want a large rather than a medium just for a slightly longer sleeve. I wanted it as a layer though, for over a t-shirt but under another shirt or jumper, so I have the scottevest technology and pockets with me but a normal shirt over the top. Relatively normal anyway.

This has got two secure pockets and the personal area network. Hmm, this actually means little loops to run your headphones through, though my headphones have no wires. It's like having a minidisc pocket or something. There's a little phone pocket up by the shoulder, and it's too small for a modern phone too. Maybe it's not a phone pocket, maybe it is a minidisc pocket. Anyway, despite my own mocking, I'm well pleased with it, especially for a tenner, including postage. They don't make this one any more but this is probably the closest1 and it's $50 plus would be another $30 for postage. Maybe the minidisc pocket on the new one is a bit bigger.

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