Blog2012 ≫ Want to buy a pool table?

It's time to let ours go, we are running out of space for storage and Dom (who has half of it at his house) is running out of space too, so it's time for it to go. It's an Omega, originally from Kingswood Leisure1, and looks like this:


Blimey that picture has had 450 hits! Excuse hte mess, that was when we were dismantling.

You can see how we dismantled3 and how I thought about disguising / reusing it in a pool table furniture hack4, but no, I have to admit, it is time to go.

Say 300, if you get your own van and collect it? You need about sixteen foot of queueing space, sounds a lot but we had that in the flat. Won't fit in a single garage :-(

I'm on a roll now, I've got some more furniture to get rid of too, will probably give that away but the pool table is just too big and nice and expensive.

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