Blog2012 ≫ Did I just nearly get recruited by Google?

Hmm unlikely. Still at QCon, just went to a great talk by someone from and then went to the other main exhibition hall, the one with all the good free stuff! One guy from Google there, maybe other people were a bit too intimidated to approach? I was, until I saw the Google rubik cubes, there is a field I can compete in. Got talking, there's a prize of an Android t-shirt if you can do the puzzles (take these two pieces of twisted metal apart, etc), so I got one nice. I did not claim another free t-shirt for completing the cube. Then, why not try this online puzzle on the ipad too? I had a look, I could not undersand the questions, nor even operate the ipad properly. This is part of the google recruitment process I think, if you can ace this then you might be the kind of person google is looking for. If it turns out that they are looking for someone just to do the cube, and quite slowly at that, then maybe I'm the man. Otherwise, maybe not.

I also got some more schwag; stickers, a flashing google badge, some pens, and a couple more t-shirts from Sencha and Oracle. Who knows, maybe I'll even give one of these away back at the office.

Right now I've lost my friends, so feeling a bit lonely. This exhibition centre2 is huge.

Benn ace to bump in to old friend Nic who I was not expecting to see here. We have hardly seen each other since we both left London.

I might put the Android t-shirt on now, let everyone know I solved the puzzles at the Google stand...

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