Blog2012 ≫ The boy still ill

He's been up and down today, he woke us up several times in the night but seemed to be just a bit sad each time. We left him with Granny and went to IKEA and Bluewater. Granny phoned while we were there to say he had a raised temperature again, so we started heading home. Then a second phone call to say no, the calpol had kicked in and he was OK again. Tonight he seems worse again, though it's been the same routine of raised temperature, worry, apply neurofen or calpol, temperature down, ok again. This time I've called NHS Direct1 though as this is the third day. Having been assessed by the call centre someone is going to call me back in several hours, so they clearly don't think it's serious.

While we were at IKEA we chose a bed for The boy, will got back and get it or get it delivered though. We headed from there to Bluewater just to double check beds in John Lewis, they didn't have many though. We had a smashing lunch in Gourmet Burger, there are lots of new food options in Bluewater now.

Tonight mostly just sitting my the phone, listening to The boy snuffling on the baby monitor.

Two and a half is not too old to still have a baby monitor is it?

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