20% off all food at the New Inn every day (and 50% off for one day only)

FG ≫ 2011 ≫ 20% off all food at the New Inn every day (and 50% off for one day only)

The New Innsight 20% Discount Card (Limited Edition)

First 500 reserved (complimentary) for Newsletter subscribers*

Keep it for yourself or use it as a Santa stocking filler

The New Innsight 20% Discount Card guarantees the holder to a 20% reduction on all regular food menus**, unlimited, for life, starting January 2012.

The first 500 cards are being reserved for our Newsletter subscribers*. From 1st December, we will invite applications from local businesses, groups, societies and organisations who will be able to distribute cards to their staff or members.

You may keep the card to yourself, pass it onto a friend, or use it as a very pleasant Christmas stocking filler. As many as you wish; first come, first served.

It takes about one minute to get involved via the hidden page on our website.

I think you should probably sign up to their newsletter via new-inn.info1 or ask them about it, instead of me posting the "secret" link. There's also another 50% off day with a code word in the mailout too. Enjoy!

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