Blog2011 ≫ Going to Southsea Fest next Saturday

Meeting some friends next weekend, and instead of the usual Wetherspoons in Fareham, Ro suggested Portsmouth. So we started planning a bit of a crawl along the pubs of Albert Road and then discovered yesterday that Southsea Fest1 is on that day. So we're all getting wristbands and will be seeing bands and comedy and things as well as the drinking. Sounds great!

Southsea Fest2 is the south coast's award winning annual all-day music festival, serving up the best of emerging bands and artists from across the British Isles and beyond.

The festival takes place along the venues and bars of Albert Road in Southsea, with wristbands granting access to over 100 bands and activities (subject to venue license).

It all kicks off around midday on Saturday 17th September and runs right through till early Sunday morn. This year we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of Southsea Fest, so expect an extra helping of fun and don't forget to dress for the occasion!

Not sure what "dress for the occasion" means, what do the young people wear to such events these days? There does seem to be a bit of a pirate theme, so maybe actual fancy dress is in order. Probably we need something to disguise the fact that we will be twice the age of everyone else in attendance.

Will be nice to go back, I used to to to The Wedgewood Rooms a lot back in the day for bands and comedy and club nights.

I've heard of, er, two of the bands playing2 (Pete And The Pirates and Fionn Regan) and right now could not hum a tune by either, but it's all about catching up with some old friends, this event will just be background to us.

Aha it says on the twitter3 "dress code nautical"...

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