Blog2011 ≫ Insane rioting


We watched BBC News channel all night last night, just to see the shocking looped scenes of violence and arson in Hackney, Croydon and other places. Emma is visiting right now, she has just missed out on all of this, but spoke to a friend in Dalston last night who said the local shopkeepers had made a RING OF BATS around their property. Not flap-flap bats, they are stood shoulder to shoulder outside their shops with baseball bats.

Ring of bats is my own wording. Actually it's rubbish, everyone stop using the phrase "ring of bats".

In other news my new camera has arrived, it is waiting for me at home. If this rioting spreads to Peppa Pig World I will be able to document it all in full HD, with geotagging.

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