Blog2011 ≫ Very successful day

After last weekend's failed trip to Bluewater, we'd decided to try again go again next month, with the in-laws in tow to keep an eye on the boys while we tried to by a bed. But then, a bit spur of the moment, we thought we'd go today, just Clare, the boys and I. If he was good (or asleep) we'd look at beds, if he wasn't we wouldn't. Easy drive up there, quick stop for a coffee, then in to lunch in La Tasca. Very good, we'd been meaning to try it for so long, but finally got round to it. Free meal for the boys today too, some promo deal. He got three tapas dishes, some veg, a drink and a pudding, normally a fiver, today nothing. We had five tapas dishes between us and some wine, could have done with a little more of both, next time.

Next, the boys fell asleep right on cue. So we headed to John Lewis and bought ourselves a new bed. It's a special order so might take eight weeks to arrive but should be here before then. Spent slightly less than we might have done on the new bed, so spent all our birthday and saved christmas money on a new hoover. Our other Dyson is good, but a bit heavy to be carrying up and down all our stairs all the time. The new hoover was Clare's choice, so I will be spending what little money we have left on a new camera, result! Think I have settled on this one.

La Tasca inspired me to try and make the dishes myself at home, which I have just eaten. It was great! "Chorizo" (vege sausage + lots of smoked paprika) with peppers, patatas bravas, and sauteed potatoes with peppers and onions. Really really good, and enough left for lunch. Clare is out tonight, Emma is visiting and they've gone out on the razzle dazzle somewhere. A quiet night in in front of the telly for me now.

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