Blog2011 ≫ Curry night was good

Had an eventful weekend, mostly good. Friday night I went out with all the dads from the NCT classes we went to. The mums are much better at keeping in touch and go out fairly often but we manage it about twice a year. We went to The Everest and had a great time, I had some aubergine curry to give me a yardstick to measure my own aubergine curry I was making on Saturday.

Saturday we mostly shopped and prepared food for the evening. The dishes all worked out nicely, much wine was drunk, and my Indian djing seemed to be a hit.

Sunday we tidied up. I don't think we'll be having an evening quite like that for a while.

Did not sleep well last night, even though we went to bed quite early. Sunday is normally crime night, but there was nothing on that we hadn't seen so we just watched some odds and ends. Tired today.

I have been neglecting the blog a bit recently, not sure that is going to improve over the rest of the summer either, sorry.

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