Blog2011 ≫ I took some pictures on my phone, and I have the google+ app so shouldn't they be automatically uploaded?

So where are they?

I solved the riddle of why there were no tomatoes on my tomato plants - I found the boy's stash of picked, tiny, green tomatoes hidden in the garden. He'd been harvesting them all. I wonder if the chili plants have had the same problem? Not found the chilis yet, so maybe he's eaten them.

I took ome pictures of the tomato stash with my phone, and I have the new google plus app on it, so I thought they'd be automatically uploaded to my picasa account but I don't see them yet, maybe some setting I have missed.

Just dropped the boy off at nursery, with no tears at all today. Only I took him in while Clare waited in the car. It's not that he loves me less that he didn't cry.

We had a few wobbly lip moments before we left, about when we'd collect him and so on, but Clare and I soon got over that.

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