Blog2011 ≫ Kinda cool to see the News Of The World shut down like that

As the news about the phone hacking scandal just gets worse and worse it's good to see some action. It certainly feels like everyone who was involved in phone hacking has already moved on (or been moved on) so those left behind are the ones being punished, rather than those who were definitely there and definitely involve. Also it is clear that as the News Of The World disappears The Sun will spring up on Sunday to take its place, probably selling more copies. A pretty cynical move.

UPDATE: Saw a few comments on the twitter saying "better hope your company is whiter than white" and "not cool to be celebrating thousands of job losses like that". All of the jobs will be reabsorbed in to the new Sun on Sunday I'm sure, and I would say you only have to be "whiter than murky shitty grey" in order to take the moral high ground over the news of the world.

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