Blog2011 ≫ We got new recycling bins today

We got three new bins delivered today, a full sized wheely bin for all our recycling, and two food bins, one for inside and one for outside. This is to complement our normal wheely bin and our plastic recycling box, though it seems our paper recycling bag can now go. Not sure if we can recycle it... So where are we supposed to keep all these new bins? We have a bin cupboard, just room for the bin, our street is going to be cluttered up with all these extra bins. We can make do, put them down the side alley, but not all of our neighbours can do this. I wonder if there is a market for wheely bin covers, kind of like this monstrosity1?

On the plus side, our new big purple lidded recycling bin can now take all plastics, plus cans and bottles, and all paper now goes in the old recycling box, and then all food scraps go in the food bin. So there should be very little going in the main bin really.

I still don't have a shed, @bandq called me back three times yesterday with either no information (the shed suppliers Shire Garden Buildings are not answering their calls either) or wrong information (Shire Garden Buildings claimed they would call me back by the end of the day - again - and they did not).

In fact I've had enough, since starting to write this I've called B&Q complaints back and told them to cancel my order. Perhaps biting off my nose to spite my face at this stage, it's not going to get me a shed any quicker, but I'm really annoyed.

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