Blog2011 ≫ Shed update

Still no shed, though @bandq have been in touch...

@bandq have called me back a couple of times to update me. Shire Garden Buildings who are actually providing the shed have said to them that the shed has now gone to the dispatchers and someone should call me tomorrow to arrange delivery - another coincidence things getting moving the day after I chase it up. This is the same thing Shire told me weeks ago though so I am not holding my breath. @bandq and calling me back with an update on Monday though, the guy from their "social media customer services" or whatever has been very helpful. He did assure me that Shire are not going bust or anything, just that they have more orders than they expected. He also hinted there was a group on facebook dedicated to complaining about the service, I might search for them later using Clare's account.

I would rather 77bandq were more efficient before I had to complain though. Shows to me that I should not have been patient at all, I should have started complaining right away, I will do next time.

I have run out of long weekends and days off to do anything with my shed now anyway. I hope it turns up before the summer is over.

Feeling a bit peaky today for the third day in a row, got a feverish cough thing.

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