Blog2011 ≫ I need a hand with my butt

Trying to change the tap on my water butt, as the handle broke off. I can just barely reach down inside to hold on to the nut, but then can't reach to screw in the tap. It's pretty grim in there, sludgy and slimy at the bottom. The boy would be ideal but is too small to grasp the idea, I'll have to get Clare to climb inside when she gets back from the shop.

Another glorious day, all the plants are doing well. One of the strawberries is turning red, and there are flowers appearing on the chilli plants too. Tomato plants are covered in flowers, so I hope we get a bumper crop there.

I am the high bidder on that Le Creuset Pan, but I am bidding against someone, so I'm stopping if it goes beyond me now.

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