Blog2011 ≫ Nice morning on the beach, and lunch out on the balcony

Today is a good day! Really hot and sunny. Went to the beach early with the boy, it was still a bit misty and cool but we had a lovely time while Clare had the lie in. By the time we'd got to the park it had got pretty hot, so the walk back to the house carrying the jumpers, a bucket full of stones and the boy for the most part was a bit tiring.

Lovely lunch of soup and leftover Madhur Jaffrey indian style cabbage, and then some time reading our books while the boy napped. He's up now, just having his own lunch and then we're going out for a walk.

No sign of the rumoured Sandgate seals on the beach but we will look again now. I did see a bundle of live mussels washed up on the beach though.

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