Blog2011 ≫ Toasted bagels

Lunch today from Brill in Exmouth Market, nice.

In London again today and just got lunch from Brill. Exmouth Market is a really nice place to be on what seems like the first really nice day of the year, it's really bustling. Got toasted hummus bagels and a drink for the same price as a market takeaway mixed box is normally, AND I got a proper receipt so I am now in with the accounts department Plus I'm still not feeling 100% (though improved) so a nice gentle lunch like this is just the job.

Slept dreadfully yesterday for some reason, kept waking up. Lots of light coming in the window all night. This combined with the weird noises the boy's baby monitor has been making the last few nights leads me to only one conclusion - aliens. OK two conclusions, could be rats with radios and torches, they're getting organised. Actually since removing the bird feeder I have seen no evidence of big mouse at all so I can only assume he has definitely gone, for good.

Bought a new Le Creuset saucepan1 yesterday, to replace our last remaining rubbish pan, which became considerably more rubbish when I burned some popcorn in it a few weeks ago. So overdrawn today, bah. While looking though I found this chef's pan1 - what is a chef's pan? I don't have one. Do I need one? Is it just a posh wok? Should we get one?

Also bought some balcony furniture at the weekend, which Clare hopefully had her lunch on today, as it's such a lovely day.

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