Blog2011 ≫ 4x6 tongue and groove

I need a smaller shed than I thought, can I get a decent one, where from?

Everyone loves sheds don't they? Had more replies to my tweet asking the difference between 6x8 and 8x6 than I ever had. Don't know if lots of people are searching for shed content, or lots of people are following me waiting for me to say something shed related... Well now it's happened, it's time to buy a shed!

I was dreaming at first, thinking 6x8 was a small size that we could easily fit in, but looking down on the garden from upstairs and counting the paving slabs that are already there it's clear that a 6x4 (or 4x6) would take up more than enough space. So now I'm on the look out for a 4x6, but will I find a decent one or will they all be overlap fence panel type construction? I would still like it to be quite sturdy, so tongue and groove type construction. On the lookout now.

B&Q have a good catalogue at the moment which gave me some time to peruse the options offline, but I am happy to order one over the internets, as I'd be unlikely to get it in the back of our fiesta anyway.

Still ill, still have not eaten properly, had half a slice of toast and half a banana this morning, still feeling nauseous, though have not been sick again. Should possibly not have come in today, should definitely not have come to this office anyway - realised when I got in that I'm meant to be in London today.

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