Blog2011 ≫ Big mouse and son

This time it brought a little friend...

Big mouse was back while we were watching the rugby yesterday, so other people also went to have a look. They all saw it and had nearly convinced me it wasn't a rat at all, mice were really that size, it genuinely was a big mouse. Then later it became clear that was just the baby, when mummy turned up also. It's definitely a rat. I should never have wavered I've seen mice before when we lived in Stokey. I've taken the bird feeder down, hoping they'll just go. Otherwise I have to get on to the council1. It's a shame not to be able to feed the birds, the robins were back this morning looking for food.

I've been sick for more than two days now, could not eat my dinner last night, just had a slice of bread now apart from that and a bit of banana I've had nothing for 48 hours. Has even put me off drinking.

Went to B&Q this morning looking for a "bistro" table and chairs for the balcony, and they have exactly the right chairs I was after, they come with a slightly crappy looking table though. Had a look round for another table but I guess that one will do. The whole set is less than eighty quid so not too bad.

Next stop, a shed!

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