Blog2011 ≫ Ah missing kitten in Saltaire, can you help?

Hmm think someone found my page about Saltaire station or something and things I'm there. Just on the off chance you are in Saltaire and can help, please do

Sorry to bother you with this as I'm not sure if you can help. But I believe you are in Saltaire. Your details came up when I was trying to find where cctv was located in Saltaire.

My brothers little black cat went missing on Saturday lunchtime and he's out of his mind with worry. She was a rescue cat and has only just been neutered so has stitches and shave marks on her body. She is not used to being outside. She's only 7 months old so bigger than a kitten but not quite a cat.

If you can help in anyway we would be so grateful. There is a cash reward.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email and please email me or contact my brother (Barrie Cummings from number 1 Herbert St) on 01274 597949

Saltaire is in Yorkshire.

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