Blog2011 ≫ The boy and Daddy's day of (DIY) fun

Bought a sander, could not find the duct tape I wanted. I am not planning to tape or sand the boy.

Clare went to see The King's Speech this afternoon, so after the boy's lunch we went shopping. I got a bargain electric sander that I saw yesterday in Sainsbury's, this one1 but only fifteen pounds, quite a bargain. No idea what I'm going to do with it yet, but I have wanted one for a while. Saw this one yesterday, and when I'd checked the prices online went back and got it. We did get paid today, and it was profit share, so I deserve a fifteen pound treat. Car tax is due, so that will swallow up the rest of it :-(

I was really looking for white duct tape, but I couldn't find any, will have to order it online.

This morning? No idea, I had my lie in! I was due a lie in yesterday but Clare wanted to swap so she could watch the tennis today. She did not watch much of it because the boy wouldn't let her, doh!

Clare says the film is very good.

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