Blog2011 ≫ New style premium bonds record

Been looking forward to this, how sad. Spending the day decorating today.

Colour me sad but I've been looking forward to the new style premium bonds1 record to arrive., and today it did. We buy premium bonds by standing order each month, and normally get a new certificate each month only for that months bonds. Now they're sending out a statement of the whole lot, so I can see we've been doing this for exactly five years, sixty payments in. That's a healthy balance, and we still might win a prize.

No prize so far this month, but I did have a twenty five quid a couple of months back.

Painting today, the spare room. Not got much done so far, took all the old fittings down and filled in the holes, and started painting in one corner where I didn't need anything to dry. It's the boy's nap time now though, so I have stopped. I am painting quietly, but I can hear him saying "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" (and also strangely "apple sauce") so he knows I'm there.

Anyone want a massive mirror? I would say it's 1960's style, nothing fancy just a big plain mirror with a curved top. I would post a picture of it but I guess I should get dressed first... Not sure what a mirror that old is doing in this house, which is less than ten years old. Might end up taking it to the tip.

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