Blog2010 ≫ Secret santa

got me a dremel 300 multitool!

I got a Dremel 3001 and some wine and some chocolates from secret santa, which is how we did the gifts from Clare's side of the family this year. Good work secret santa, this is exactly what I wanted! I am back now early from our christmas feast, very nice it was too. The boy has gone to bed, and I am about to start engraving, grinding, and polishing everything in site while Clare is still at the party.

Where do I start? Give my teeth a quick polish, or carve my postcode into this laptop screen..?

Having earlier tweeted my problems with the dremel soldering iron Clare got me, Dremel responded - to suggest I phone someone. In WISCONSIN. I think I will be returning the soldering iron via Amazon.

💬 Still my favourite Dremel review

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