Blog2010 ≫ Wasted half an hour trying to fit another remote light switch

Varilight and itunes annoyingness...

So it seems I can't put a remote dimmer switch1 on our bathroom light, probably because there is an extractor fan attached to the same switch. When I wire the switch up the fan comes on, whether the switch is on or off, something to do with the "soft start" I think. It makes sense, I wouldn't want to be able to dim the fan or anything, just use the on-and-off-ness of the remote, but I can't separate them, bah.

Up early this morning, and I have the car, so a few minutes spare. Using them to try and set up iTunes again, something's happened that's made it lose my whole library; still got all the individual tunes but the latest version of itunes has lost all my ratings and playlists and so on, annoying. Now it is not keen to start up again. My fault I think for trying to move the library to the NAS, if the NAS is ever unavailable (because of flakey wifi between the PC in the basement and the NAS upstairs) then it can't start up...

UPDATE: recovered my old library, so still got all the playlists etc.

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