Blog2010 ≫ Olympics ticket prices announced, not on sale yet

Full details here1, 90% of tickets will be at ONE HUNDRED POUNDS or less, bargain. I guess this monster needs paying for somehow. I bet the profits go to private companies not back to the tax payer who is funding it all.

Some tickets for all events (including the opening ceremony, which is on my 40th birthday) available for 20.12, availability of these are likely to be nigh-imaginary. There will also be "official touting", tickets bundled with accomodation etc so as to bump up prices:

Hospitality and travel

The only way to buy official hospitality and travel packages will be through the official London 2012 hospitality service providers which are listed below. Hospitality and travel packages will only be available from March 2011. You will not be asked to make a payment or sign a contract until then. Thomas Cook

As an official partner of London 2012, Thomas Cook will be selling a range of UK 'Games Breaks' that will range from one night packages including official tickets in two-star accommodation, to luxury five-star breaks including tickets, meals and transport. Prestige Ticketing Ltd

The Prestige Ticketing programme provides exclusive access to official London 2012 on-site hospitality packages including tickets, fine dining and entertainment inside Games venues. Hospitality boxes at venues will also be sold exclusively by Prestige Ticketing Ltd. On-site hospitality is not available from any other company or provider. Jet Set Sports

Jet Set Sports will be selling a range of fully inclusive packages including tickets, accommodation, food and beverage, and transportation. For UK purchasers, these packages will include a minimum of two nights' accommodation.

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