Blog2010 ≫ So about last night Mr Fry...

We went to a gig

We went to Stephen Fry live1 last night, at Royal Festival Hall. Always feels quite a sophisticated and intellectual place to go and see something, and it was good. We had good seats (if a bit high up), in the box nearest to the stage on the left hand side. Nearest horizontally, but three storeys up, so we were looking down on him. Not many people can say that. He stood and he read from his book, he reminisced and bantered, he name dropped, and he did impressions (Hugh Laurie and Rowan Atkinson, very good) and he did quite a lot of reading a list of towns from the advert for the show (all the towns that the show was being broadcast live to).

I am a big fan too, but as this was Clare's special treat I left the auditorium five minutes before the end of the show to get in line for the book signing. Glad I did there were only a few people sadder than myself, and when the show ended there was a stampede, causing a huge mosh pit and a queue right round the building. I don't imagine everyone got a signed book2.

Here is Clare with her hero Stephen Fry:

See also me and Stephen Fry. Pictures on Twitpic instantly get lots more views than those on Flickr, I wonder if it's all automated bots, or just bored friends clicking every link? And does it really matter anyway? Have let my Flickr pro account expire, I don't think I need to keep paying them really for the use I get out of it. If my home backups fail then I'll be right back there, but I've downloaded everything from them (I think) using Migratr, so will continue organising and tagging images for my own entertainment only.

Oh yeah The boy we did not just leave him home alone to go stalking Stephen Fry, of course. We left him outside with a bottle of pop and a bag of crisps. No, he was at Granny's for the night, he still is now. I have the day off today, may try and get some DIY done, though after the reactions to my passport photo probably a haircut is in order, I already had a shave.

UPDATE: A video diary of our little trip!

💬 Stephen Fry: My Autobiography (Part II) - Live!

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