Blog2010 ≫ I believe in the power of homeopathy

this paint is diluted an infinite number of times, but still there is paint

Washing paintbrushes in approximately a trillion gallons of water, and still there is white paint coming off them. How much more dilution do I need? This paint spreads infinitely thinly. And I have got it everywhere, spots all over the carpet. Still the hallway is done, first coat anyway, it's going to need at least one more :-(

Plugged my old network camera in, a Netgear one I think it was (Update: actually linksys), not sure if it would work but it turned on, that is a good start. It found itself an IP address, and now I come to the computer I see it has already emailed me security footage of me walking in front of it, result! Can't remember what bit of it wasn't working when I last tried to use it, maybe it's the wifi-ness of it.

Shower, dinner, then off to the pub! Clare is out walking with the boy, enjoying the early evening seaside sunshine.

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