Blog2010 ≫ A day of mishaps yesterday

Locked myself out AND smashed the place up

Just after I posted on the blog yesterday, I went to the hallway to get more cardboard boxes, and the door slammed behind me. Clare was out with the boy (hence me blogging when I should have been packing), I had no keys, no phone, no anything. I was just in my jogging pants and t-shirt, not even any shoes on. I tried to break back in MacGyver style, all I had to hand was a box of decorating stuff though. I took some bamboo canes from a pot plant on the floor below, and some masking tape, and made a pole long enough to reach through the letter box, trying to hook my keys which I'd left in the hallway. Could not get the keys, I only managed to knock my sunglasses on to the floor. In the endI had to just wait for Clare to come home, which was luckily only another fifteen minutes or so.

This was also the topic of one of my first blog posts, though that time I was genuinely stuck in the hallway of our flat in Stokey, unable to get in back in, or outside.

Later that evening I smashed one of our wineglasses somehow. I'd gone to bed leaving the glass on top of the chest of drawers, I got up in the night and stumbled across it. Not really sure what I was doing up or how I managed it.

Got lots of packing done eventually, so much that we decided to take a day off today, and went to Canterbury. Needed to buy some new things for the house, and had a lunch in Pizza Express. Clare found some dirt in her salad, something had gone wrong with their supply and they'd had to get some from another source they said. Not really a problem to us, these things happen, but they gave us our food for free and two more meals to takeaway. They were ace about it, really apologetic, I commend the staff.

Shame Sherlock is finished, but looking forward to Vexed tonight, comedy crime thriller, sounds good.

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