Blog2010 ≫ Mat Ricardo

vi @Herring1967 and @CollingsA cheers, was funny.

Just heard about Mat Ricardo1 on the Collings and Herrin2 podcast, and watched some on Youtube, and he is funny, here is his showreel:

This is the show3 I watched first. I thought I was the world's best juggler though? I had a go again yesterday, hoping the boy would be impressed, but he's still a bit too young. It's not because juggling it rubbish, nor that juggling generally is OK but my juggling is rubbish, it is that the boy is just too young to appreciate it right now.

The lady whose house we were going to buy (the one who asked us for more money because someone had offered her more money) has texted Clare to say her house is back on the market. When the estate agent told us this earlier in the week I was not interested, but now she's gone to the effort of texting us herself, I forgive her for shattering our dreams and costing us money, and even though we are within days of completing on a new house, I think we might drop everything and start up negotations with her again, never being quite sure if she will do the same thing again. No, not really. We are going to see if she still wants to sell any of her furniture though.

Mat Ricardo1 is doing a free show at Edinburgh. So are @Herring1967 and @CollingsA seek them out. We'll go back to Edinburgh again one day.

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