Blog2010 ≫ Schadenfreude

Our gazumper's sale has fallen through.

Just got a call from an estate agent, that house that we loved, that we were buying, that we were gazumped on is now back on the market - the sale has fallen through. We are more than happy with the new house we have found, but thank you for letting us know.

No, not "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" at all, that's not very nice is it, the lady selling the house was only trying to make a bit more money. Plus our new place is not signed and sealed yet so I won't be doing a little dance on anyone's front drive. Also, we were supposedly going to be paid some cash when that sale did go through, to compensate us for all the money we had lost in surveys and legal fees, I don't suppose we'll see that now.

Toothache update: I just freed something sharp from my gum, it was down between the impacted wisdom tooth1 and the gum, it feels like a bit of a seed husk or something. That was what was causing the swelling I think, which was exacerbated by biting on the swollen bit. Yeah I do clean my teeth actually, all the time. I don't have any fillings - partly because I have not been to the dentist since before britpop - it's just hard to get at that wisdom tooth as it is 99% below the surface, like an evil enameled iceberg.

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