Blog2010 ≫ BLOOD!

Just gave blood1. "You're not going to do any heavy lifting are you?", of course I'm not doing any heavy lifting, do I look like a heavy lifter? WAIT A MOMENT, the boy is a massively heavy load right now, I can't pick him up today! Or, I have to pick him up carefully on one side only.

Nice weekend, still scorching today here. The birthday party barbecue was very nice, got a little sunburnt sat in the garden. The boy loved his present (was a joint party for about ten one year olds, we did a secret santa type thing) and ate some birthday cake too. Eating he is fine at, I might have been a bit previous with my declaration of crawling though, he has not recreated his first go yet. No-one believes me that he did it.

Mostly staying off the internets today until I have seen Lost tonight.

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