Blog2010 ≫ Proof I did not spend the whole weekend indoors getting drunk


OK not proof exactly, someone else could have taken this picture of the boy, but they did not. I did, we went to Brockhill Park this afternoon:


Most of the weekend I was indoors getting drunk. Had a nice roast dinner on Sunday then went to the beer festival quiz at Chambers. Did not win (I don't suppose, we left before the final summing up) but surely didn't disgrace ourselves either. The two leading teams all the way through had about fifteen members each. Yeah, well I wouldn't want to have that many friends anyway.

Clare's been in Bluewater all day today, luckily she left me a very strict timetable of when to feed and change the boy.

Expecting to hear back about that house tomorrow. I'm sure the offer will be rejected and the agent will suggest we try just a slightly higher offer. Seems silly to lose a house for just a few grand, but we've already gone way over budget and I don't want to borrow any more from anywhere.

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