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The boy's in bed, Clare's gone out for a meal with some fellow mums, so I'm in on my own tonight. LUCKILY found a huge frozen dinner earlier (in the freezer), it's enough lasagne for two but I'm going to scoff it all myself. Seriously it's a big dinner, I feel like Garfield. I hope some ants don't steal it.

Had a couple of quiet days really, stayed locally. Looked at a couple of houses yesterday, I like them both really. One has a better / bigger interior, but one has a big garden. I'm hoping one of them sells to someone else really so then we're forced into just getting on with it. Waiting for mum and dad's opinion when they come down this week.

Taking the opportunity to do some programming skills on my wine database. It's attracted some spam, surprised it took as long as it did really.

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