Blog2010 ≫ Yesterday was a good day

I didn't even have to use my AK. And the boy started crawling

Well, a momentous day - wee man started crawling! I have come to rely on putting him down and knowing he's not going anywhere while I turn my back, it lets us get things like washing up and so on done. But no more, he's finally started crawling at the age of nine months and ten days. Only backwards so far, and only a bit, but I understand that's how they start. And we got it on video, which I can bore you with (later when I upload it) and embarrass him with when he's older.

It was a good day for other reasons too, Clare went to view some houses and the first one she saw looks alright! It would do, and it's the very first one we've actually been to see on this round of viewings, since we had an offer on the flat. That's got to be a promising start. Main thing is it's in the area for the primary school we want, or at least right on the boundary... if we bought this house and the boy was not accepted we would be very unlucky. So it's just round the corner from where we are now, slightly handier for the station and got most of the things we want (including a shed).

Also to top the day off Clare won on the premium bonds. Only a twenty-five quid this time but still, nice.

Watched Shameless, which was good, and Lost, which was not.

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