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Spring appears to have sprung!

Spring appears to have sprung! Sunshine for two days in a row, I have turned the central heating off.

The flat is still under offer, no progress as yet. I have appointed a solicitor, they have sent / are sending me acres of questionnaire to fill out, the same sort of thing I already did for each estate agent. Actually, very likely to be the same sort of thing I already filled out several times for this solicitor. TWICE for them to prepare my HIP, as the standard form changed (or something) then I used these same guys to buy the flat in the first place. Surely they can reuse some of this info?

The other neighbours want to know who is buying the place but I have already said too much and don't want them getting involved. In retrospect it was probably a mistake to tell one neighbour that I thought the buyer was going to divide up the flat and let it out to problem families.

Sainsbury's basic "beef and tomato snack noodle" for lunch again today (pot noodle really). They're actually not bad, how can you beat 23p for a hot meal at lunchtime? My love of pot noodles and economy brand food should not affect your opinion of my opinion of Irish cuisine btw. I am right and they are wrong.

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