Blog2010 ≫ A shooting!

Member of my extended family just shot another TO DEATH!

It's all gone a bit The Wire round here! An actual shooting to the death in practically my immediate family.

Little girl tells dad that her step-dad smacked her, so dad goes round with his gun, puts it in step-dad's mouth and threatens him (verbally I understand, though to me that body language is fairly threatening to start with). Step-dad gets away, gets his gun, and shoots the other chap dead. Through the head. Well it had to be, he'd put a bullet proof vest on. All the while the mother is hiding in the wardrobe. Step-dad has been released without charge, some sort of self defence.

This is not friend of a friend story, this is genuinely as close as brother-in-law's sister-in-law's common-partner-in-law, I have pictures of these people on my flickr account. Man alive it could have been me! If I had been my brother-in-law's brother-in-law's brother-in-law, or whatever the convoluted connection is.

I'm probably being quite indiscreet posting this here, but at least I'm not saying which of my three brothers-in-law it was. If you are the bro-in-law in question and object, let me know and I'll make up something worse about all the others.

In other non shooting related news, we seem to have had our first serious offer on the flat.

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