Blog2010 ≫ Can I play HTML5 Youtube videos in Firefox right now?

A nice reminder1 of the video issues in the shift from flash to HTML5. HTML5 will be omg the shizzle good, but see there's a VHS vs Betamax style problem, and that story1 on lifehacker.com2 sums up the details. Firefox are going with one standard for HTML5 video and other browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE) are going with another. Wonder if this will be the issue that pushes people from [s]Chrome to Firefox[/s] Firefox to Chrome, obviously I meant from Firefox to Chrome there....

Seen this before, but just been reminded by @rolymo via something called "google buzz". Who said no-one was using it?

Sorry Dom, another one with too many nerd acronyms for you I guess.

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