Blog2010 ≫ KISS VIP hospitality package at Wembley

Your evening includes:

Top price seated ticket in blocks S10 or S5 for KISS at Wembley Arena (Ticket face value 40.00) Two hour party prior to the show in a private hospitality suite within the concert venue Drinks reception on arrival Hot and cold fork buffet Complimentary bar of selected beer, wine and soft drinks before the show Souvenir item One hour post show party with cash bar facilities Cloakroom facilities Wembley Concert Club pass per guest Private tables for bookings over 10 Event management staff and hostesses in attendance throughout

Full VIP Package, including Ticket - 169.00 (Inc Vat) Hospitality Only, not including Ticket - 129.00 (Inc Vat)

There are some 900 quid tickets there too, not sure what that is all about. Buy them, please!
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