Blog2010 ≫ Boys night in

Clare is at Strictly Come Dancing tonight...

I'm sure there are a lot more of these than there are boys nights out these days... Clare has gone to see Strictly Come Dancing with her mum at the O2 so me and The boy are in alone. He's been grumbling since she's been gone but is in bed now. He had a bit of a temperature but Calpol sorted that out. Bathed him on my own, not sure how clean he got but at least we went through all the rituals. He's not bothered at all by me pouring water over his head now, that's thanks to Water Babies. It was good again yesterday, only four parents and babies in the pool this time. I think there were six or seven when we started but I could only picture one of the missing ones.

Went to Faversham for the day for a change instead of Canterbury. Lots of pubs but not a lot else there that I could see really. Can't make out if it's a nice place or not. We had lunch in Ask, could not find anywhere else suitable.

Watched Lost, didn't think much of it at all. I'm off to Lostpedia1 to see what I missed.

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