Blog2009 ≫ Stop with the "Rage Against The Machine" christmas facebook campaign

The same people win no matter which track you buy you mugs

Rage Against The Machine are on Sony, I'd be surprised if Simon Cowell1 hasn't bought the publishing Killing In The Name (or whatever the music industry term is for "making it so he earns money when it does well") as well as all the X-Factor acts. Maybe he's behind the whole Facebook campaign.

I thought this was something I could ignore, but they were slobbering over it on 6 Music this morning, saying yes, isn't it brilliant, this will stick one to the man if we get this song to number one instead of that one! Maybe I am naive, but BBC I expect better.

There was a similar campaign last year2 to get a non x-factor version of Hallelujah to number one, so either Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley, and I'm sure it turns out that Simon Cowell had the publishing for all the versions3.

Andrew Collings says this better4 probably, though maybe not quite so cynically or paranoid.

Mum bought the boy the Children in Need5 single last weekend. It cost four pounds, the small print says 20p of this goes to charity.

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