Blog2009 ≫ Happy birthday the boy

Sort of, five months old today, and a little unwell

Well sort of, the boy is five months old today. He seems to have been here forever. He's a bit peaky today actually, his head felt hot yesterday when we got in, so took his temperature on a digital thermometer1 and it beeped and flashed red. Not a good sign! As it turns out he was not about to burst into flames, but it was 38 which is just about officially a fever. Looked up what to do on nhs.uk2 and gave him some Calpol and then phoned NHS direct3 "just in case". Long hold time with endless repeated messages say "this had better not be about swine flu" and got through to an advisor (who was thick with cold) who wanted me to double check he wasn't sensitive to light. Bit annoying as we were getting him to sleep but better safe than sorry. I had already checked for other symptoms of the diagnosis they were trying to rule out here so wasn't as worried as I might have been. They said give the Calpol an hour to take effect and take his temperature again and someone will call me back later. His temperature went down and he slept well, but he still seems a bit off colour so we're taking him to the clinic tomorrow.

He doesn't look unwell though does he? This taken just now:


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