Blog2009 ≫ What highchair do we get?

I want one like they have in #Wagamama

I want a highchair like they have in Wagamama1, that clips onto the edge of the table, so cool and won't take up much space. But we can't find one anywhere. It's made by Phil and Ted's2, but they don't seem to sell them in the UK. Closest we can find is Chicco 3603, so we got one, but it doesn't fit our table, the table top is too deep, damn. Was like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube trying to get it repackaged for return, but I think we'll get our money back.

I've not seen another highchair type thing that I like, what should we do?

Ah ignore me, someone on Amazon has one3! They were definitely not available when we first started looking!

💬 @pauly ignore me they have one here

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