Blog2009 ≫ RT: @philipbeel attack by zombies

Science ponders shit found in woods more like!

Science ponders 'zombie attack' By Pallab Ghosh Science correspondent, BBC News

If zombies actually existed, an attack by them would lead to the collapse of civilisation unless dealt with quickly and aggressively.

That is the conclusion of a mathematical exercise carried out by researchers in Canada.

Science ponders zombie attack? Science ponders bears and their wood shitting habits more like, DUH WE KNOW THIS, we have seen all the films!

I bought Pride and Prejudice and Zombies1 a while back, thought I would love it but "surprisingly" it is not a very good book. It would make quite a good comic or film if handled right, but I can hardly be bothered to finish it.

The boy slept for eight hours again last night, what a good boy! We didn't actually have to wake him, but I made a cup of tea and went in to him, and he was awake and smiling to himself. He's such a smasher!

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