Blog2009 ≫ The most famous person I know

I remember when it used to be me!

Suddenly it is, see his twittering2 for all the press and interviewing and so on he's doing. This reminded me of when I was flavour of the month! I don't have much evidence of this any more, but found this, think this was in MP3 magazine about ten years ago. Yes there was a short lived magazine dedicated to this new technology of music without a physical format. It'll never catch on.

Still, four page spread in an actual magazine people bought in WH Smiths:

My face was split by the fold,and people got confused and thought that small pic with the sunglasses was me, think it was someone from Doves that I was using to illustrate a story...

Popex is long gone, it was my game, my brain child, I sold out and gradually wore it into the ground but it's still running today as

I should probably namecheck another famous friend, Emma as she is visiting this week and we're having lunch on Thursday:


She will love that.

UPDATE: If those page scans don't show up above I put them on Flickr...

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