Blog2009 ≫ Nice day in Canterbury

Little one been a monster since we got in. Ooh, new pans!

Little one really playing up since we got in, overtired is my guess. Did not enjoy his bath really, hope he goes down OK. Clare is doing the last daytime feed now and it's sounding quiet at last... had nothing but screaming for the last hour.

Lunch was Pizza Express today, he was even good in there.

We bought a joint birthday present, [a set of Le Creuset pans](" title="Le Creuset?tag=clarkeology-21)1, the [stainless steel](" title="Le Creuset stainless steel?tag=clarkeology-21)1 rather than the cast iron though. Our old cheap pans have started to get a bit wobbly, one actually broke the other day. Got them in Fenwicks, they were cheaper there in their sale than they are online.

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