Blog2009 ≫ Thanks to whoever just bought ATP World Tour tickets

That's a kerchingus 20 commission in one go!

Here ATP World Tour1, a tennis event at the O2. High prices for tickets, someone just got some from here, the commission is excellent!

Hmm, unless it was Clare bought the tickets, then I am very much down on the deal. Seems to be a good event anyway, featuring Roger Federer2, Novak Djokovic3, Andy Murray4, Andy Roddick5, Juan Martin Del Potro6, Jo Wilfried Tsonga7, Giles Simon8, and Radek Stepanek9.

Quite a good night last night, did our first formula feed, hoping it would help him go a bit longer between night feeds, but it was still only three hours.

Spectacular lightning storm last night, went on for ages, serious rain too, quite a contrast to the heat of the afternoon. Did not seem to bother the boy at all though.

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