Blog2009 ≫ RT @darryl1974 The demolition of the Astoria in pictures:

Goodbye old friend1. From my first visit to my last it was a good reliable gig venue. Always more about the people I was with than the venue itself, but still.

Haven't mentioned the boy for DAYS! It's mostly that it's hard to think of something nice about him right now, he's been a screaming monster all the time he's been awake, and when he's asleep it's hardly for more than an hour at a time. But this evening, since I got off the phone with my mum he's been lovely. He was calm and babyish getting ready for his bath, then he loved the bath, then he wasn't even too bad getting dried. The secret to a successful bathing and drying seems to be the wetter I get the happier he is. Bless him, he's brilliant. Please give us a good night mate...

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