Blog2009 ≫ Remember all those stories in the news about family tax credit being RUBBISH?

I understand them now!

Just registering for family tax credit, well Clare is. Had to phone up to get a form, the guy on the phone asked our income now taking into account the fact Clare is on maternity, and we'll get about twenty quid a week probably. That's just the estimate though. When we get the form and fill it in we have to give the earnings for last year, when Clare was not on maternity leave, so we will get nothing. As soon as they start paying us this nothing, then we have to contact them again and say our circumstances have changed, and then they will bump us up to the twenty quid. What a piss poor system! Our circumstances have not changed, they're the same as they are right now!

Done more financials too, opened a bank account for the boy today, and applied for child benefit. We can get another 250 quid to put into a trust fund for him too as soon as we get that too. It all adds up!

Off now to visit Clare's gran, the other great great grandmother who hasn't seen him yet.

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