Blog2009 ≫ There's always a huge death rumour on Glastonbury weekend

No-one's going to believe this until they get home!

Every year at Glastonbury there is a rumour going round that a major celebrity has died! Generally it's Cliff Richard though!

So where were you when you heard Michael Jackson had died? I can tell you I was RIGHT HERE, in this room, looking at my phone because Clare was sure she'd heard it beep in the night. Text from my sister:

I know you're not up with celeb goss but Michael Jackson died tonight!

Blimey, so has he faked it or what? No-one's going to be getting the money back on their O2 tickets, they'll want to keep them as souvenirs. This is a step up from his earlier stunt of sending out refunds as personal cheques knowing they'll not be cashed...

A teacher twitters:

Tearful kids all around. We have a Michael Jackson assembly coming up...

Young people being fans of michael jackson is just WEIRD. People who have only known of him since the child molesting charges have been overshadowing the music hanging around his hotel just doesn't seem right. Not that the kids in th above assembly where near his hotel, I am mixing up a couple of situations in my haste to get this blog post out. I mean the people who are dressed like him, RIGHT NOW, in tears outside some related Jacko hotspot.

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