Blog2009 ≫ Cereal? Soup?

Bah I have mixed up the food bowls with the baby bum cleaning bowls

Hmm I seem to have mixed up the food bowls with the baby bum cleaning bowls... Only using water on him at the moment.

Another night of broken sleep, only to be expected at only a few days old. Started off very promisingly with a trip to the pub! Just me, being very bad dad, leaving Clare and baby at home and meeting up with the other new dads from our NCT classes. Really good to see them again and share stories, we will do that again soon I hope. Had three pints of a really good guest ale in the British Lion, called something like Seven Landlords1. Then home, to find baby asleep already and Clare and her mum playing scrabble. He woke up again as soon as ma-in-law had gone and again would not settle in his moses basket.

Today we took him out in the Bugaboo for the first time, just to the end of the road and then round to the in-laws. He loved that, not a cry for hours, he even slept in it. So going to try him sleeping in it tonight. Have put him down in it now and he's out like a light, so either coincidence with times he would have just slept anyway, or it's some sort of miracle device!

Baby has just been fed and is off to sleep in the Bugaboo again so going for a bit of shut eye myself.

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